Software Security Training

People are 1 of 3 pillars of cyber-security

Keeping your staff knowledgeable and aware of security issues is integral to building dependable products.

Educating your engineers in Software Security and OWASP best-practices will let you leverage their potential to create software with security built in.

Like with health issues, security problems are cheaper to prevent than to suffer, diagnose, and treat.

Unique flexibility

  • Mix and match from 21 modules
  • Different training for different roles
  • Q&A sessions with security experts
  • Multiple-choice tests for visibility
  • Custom on-boarding training delivery

Role-tailored modules

Software Developers

20 hours of instructor-led material, detailing how hackers penetrate applications, what mistakes they exploit, and how to fend them off.

QA testers

15 hours of instructor-led material, explaining how hackers test software security, what signs they look for, so your engineers can apply the same approach before the bad guys do.

Automation QA

9 hours of instructor-led material, showing which software security verification can and should be automated, and which are can only be effectively tested manually.


10 hours of instructor-led material, describing how software, systems, and networks need to be configured to ensure secure software operation in public and private clouds.


  • What modes of delivery are available?

    On-site and remote instructor-led training.

    We’re currently working on a video lecture format that will enable improved scalability and lower cost of delivery. We’re planning its roll-out for December 2018.

  • Do you provide certification?

    Upon completion, SoftSeq can issue individual Certificates of Completion that detail

    • – which modules were taken
    • – how many hours the training took
    • – test score in percentage points, as average of passed test result
  • Do these training include practical assignments?

    We’re currently working on developing a lab for hands-on, real world practice.┬áIt’s planned roll-out is scheduled for February 2019.

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