Application security engineering

Securing while developing:

  • Saves money
  • Supports compliance
  • Lowers time-to-market
  • Provides maximum security

We leverage evil hackers’ techniques, for good – to find security weaknesses in your software. To ensure vulnerabilities are fixed correctly, our experts work closely with clients’ R&D teams, advising on countermeasures applicable in each specific situation and verifying their successful fixing.

We always encourage our clients to combine Application Security Testing with Security Code Review. Seeing the application’s internals helps identify many more issues in the same time-frame compared to “black box” approach.

Upon client request, SoftSeq will provide a Security Assurance Certificate for the examined application and scope of testing conducted.

Security audit and certification

Full security compliance audit to OWASP ASVS requirements provides the most complete coverage of your application’s security gaps. Rigid framework and repeatable nature of OWASP ASVS audit allows you to assure customers of your product’s strong security posture.

We help you achieve compliance by providing effective remediation solutions, which are re-tested after implementation. In the end, we issue a formal Certificate of Compliance and a complete audit report that will satisfy even the most demanding of your customers.

Security engineering services

High security at low cost is only possible when security is embedded into software development lifecycle. We assign security engineers to projects where they assist during all development stages.

In extended engagements, they acquire intimate knowledge of your product which boosts their efficiency greatly.

Security Automation Setup

Computer labor is cheap. Optimize your spending on security by automating security checks during the development process.

We offer unique in-house designed solutions that are fine-tuned to integrate with your application, leaving general purpose security tools in the dust.

Securing Application Architecture

Bugs in architecture are incredibly expensive to fix, making secure software design essential, yet many companies aren’t large enough to employ an Application Security Architect. We address this issue by providing security architecture services with exactly the scope you need.

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