About SoftSeq

SoftSeq LLC is a Boutique Security Consulting company providing Professional Services in the field of Software Security. We provide innovative cyber-security services to ensure customer software is hacker-proof, and in compliance with the most rigorous international standards. Our goal is to deliver better security than any given budget can buy elsewhere.

Completeness of Vision

SoftSeq is a one-stop shop for Software Security. We deliver a mix of mutually complementing Software Security solutions and services covering 3 main pillars of cyber-security:

Active within Cyber-Security Community

SoftSeq organizes and co-organizes numerous non-commercial cyber-security community events every year, such as OWASP Meetups and BSides conferences. All SoftSeq engineers are members of OWASP, who have decades of experience working in security departments of organizations with top level security expertise. We’re also giving back to the community by participating in improving OWASP standards the world will use tomorrow.

Vlad Garbuz
General manager

As a business owner, I know firsthand the struggle of simultaneously minimizing business expenses and risks. After witnessing the striking all-around inefficiency of Software Security processes in many security companies and Fortune 500 corporations, I founded SoftSeq to address it.

Our single primary objective - providing customers with top tier Software Security without a crumbling price tag.

Vlad Garbuz
General manager

Same people. Same results. Better price.

Our engineers bring the experience of top cyber-security teams.
At SoftSeq, they deliver that expertise without the middleman.

SoftSeq team

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