Your on-call security department.

Securing businesses worldwide.

Integrating with your development process.

Protecting your web and mobile solutions.

Software Security via OWASP

At SoftSeq, we narrowly focus on Software Security.

Everyone on SoftSeq team is a proactive OWASP member, leveraging OWASP best-practices today, and giving back to the community by improving OWASP standards the world will use tomorrow.

Software Security Solutions

Secure-by-Design Software Development Consulting

By integrating security best-practices into development, SoftSeq enables Secure Software Development Life-cycle - a process delivering highest security at lowest cost.

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Software Security Audits and Certification

We perform in-depth application security auditing, engineering, and formal certification of software compliance with OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

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Staff Software Security Training

SoftSeq offers uniquely in-depth, 21-module technical training for software development teams. Flexible and tailored to different roles, it boosts your product's security end-to-end.

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With expert hands-on experience in software security, we've cut for you through security automation vendors' marketing talk to offer custom DevSecOps solutions that truly work.

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